Your Help is Needed ?

We thank each of you for your prayers and support in the LORD’s work over this last year. Through your help thousands of people have been blessed with Light, and hope and assurance from the Promises of God’s Word !

Now, the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah) has opened the door for us to share this Truth and the power of His Life-giving Word with millions of souls across the world. In just a few weeks (January 13-15th), Isaiah Ministries will be uniting with Amazing Discoveries and Little Light Studios to present 5 messages on the spiritual dangers of martial arts & Eastern mysticism to God’s church.

     In these messages, we will be revealing not only the powers behind the mystical practices of Tai-chi, Yoga and energy healing; but also the very real dangers facing God’s people through the current flood of Eastern philosophy in movies, media and literature; and the dragon’s subtle attempt to unite these ancient pagan philosophies, through Spiritual Formation, with the Christian faith.

     This 5 part series will be recorded and aired from the studios of Amazing Discoveries in Langley, Canada. The series will be available through satellite, online viewing and DVD. And we humbly ask for your help to make this possible.

This message is needed now more than ever before, as the forces of darkness unite to prepare mankind for the dragon’s (Satan’s) last great deception. A battle which we have been told will array the forces of spiritualism and Rome against the children of God !

It is our prayer that through these messages, not only will the darkness be revealed, but that millions will be reached with the Light and love of God’s Word, and drawn in faith to trust His great desire and power to set every captive free !

     Please lift us in your prayers for the LORD’s Spirit, wisdom and guidance over the next few weeks, as these messages are prepared . . . . and for His blessing that these meetings will be a great success. For it is our greatest desire that thousands of souls, who are yet in darkness, will be won to faith in  Christ Jesus, and made ready to meet Him at His soon return in the clouds of heaven.

If you are able, your help with these messages is greatly appreciated !

      To make a donation to help us with the cost of the trip and production, please contact us here at Isaiah Ministries.   If you would like to donate through PayPal, please use the link below to send your gift through Little Light Studios.

To send your donation directly to Isaiah Ministries, please use check or money order and mail to the address below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this series, or any of our other ministry projects?

Eric Wilson
Isaiah Ministries
233 J. Walking Way
Gray, TN 37615
1 (423) 477-7836

Or to donate through Paypal, please use the link below. And remember to let them know that your donation is for the Amazing Discoveries Series in January, either through email or in the comment box at the Paypal check out.   To contact:
   or call:   1 (530) 327-9480  or 1 (530) 327-9323

We thank you so much, and may the LORD God Almighty bless and keep you !
your brother in Christ,
Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

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