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9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. My dear most beloved brother Eric wilson and family in Christ Love,

    Heartily greetings to you and your family and to all of your Churches members in the Mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,

    Thank you brother for your kind E-mail reply and information, and I understood very well about your great work, in this time i request you to please pray for our poor pastors and for our Orphan Children, and for our Churches,  and provide your kind helping hands for my ministry needs, and brother please come to India, our place and see my work, WELCOME,  and brother Eric, we are every day praying for you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ,  i will be prayerfully waiting for your kind reply,
    Pastor. N.John,
    S India,


  2. Hey Eric,
    thanks for the great testimony and concrete christian reflection.
    Since years I am searching somehow for that.
    I was doing some years ago – Wing Thun Kung Fu and Jet Kun Do.
    After your movie I want to my store room and too the WT and Bruce Lee; 116 Technics on Woods Dummy and destroying it. Still searching for one big book.

    Though one question I still have:
    – What Self Defence can we learn or tell our children that is OK. Just Basic technics.
    – and in case more advanced maybe the Russia “Systema”?

    thanks million and stay blessed

    1. Good morning brother Marco,

      This was a question that I also wrestled with, when our Lord (Sovereign King) and Saviour
      opened my eyes to see the real powers that are working through martial arts and eastern mysticism. And as I was seeking our LORD
      for His answer, He led me to His Word . . . and after reading this, He asked me if I really BELIEVED Him ?

      “The Angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.
      O taste and see that the LORD (Jehovah, Yehuwah) is good . . . for blessed is the man that trusteth in Him !”
      Psalm 34:7-8

      I have found not one verse in Scripture which says anything about us having to “defend ourselves.”
      However, I find many, many promises that the LORD our God is our defense, and He will defend and deliver us,
      if we will trust in Him !

      If you are able, please send me an email at our actual email address ( ),
      and I will send you a series of powerful testimonies from other men who were high up in the martial arts, and God delivered them.
      These men testify, that when they had surrendered their lives totally to Him, they never had to worry again about defending themselves.
      Our Mighty God is so good to us. May He bless and keep you this week and your family,
      and I look forward to hearing from you soon !

      your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

  3. Ericka Triebwasser

    Do you have a sermon on the “make up industry”? I remember hearing you talking about it at Newport church, WA but i can not find anything in internet. If yuo have a sermon on this topic I would love to have it.

    Thank you so much, and the Lord bless your ministry abundantly.
    Ericka Triebwasser

    1. Good evening sister Ericka,

      I apologize for the delay in sending this reply. My family and I have moved to a new location since
      I was there in Washington, and I am working diligently to catch up on the work and having the ministry office back in order.
      Here are the links to the messages from the Watch & Pray Conference there in Newport, WA last december. And also our email address in case you have any questions. – Ichabod, the abominations that make desolate ! part.1 – Ichabod, part.2 – Yoga, Pantheism and the Poison of Serpents, part.3

      New Series also from Secrets Unsealed: – The Time is at Hand ! part.1 – The Shaking ! part.2 – Elijah and the Coming Kingdom of God ! part.3 – The Latter Rain, Restoring the Glory of God ! part.4

      Our email and new phone number is:
      (828) 687-0055

      May our Saviour and Mighty God bless and keep you this week,
      strong in faith and the unfailing power of His Life-giving Word !

      your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries
      P.O. Box 237
      Mountain Home, NC 28758

  4. I know this is totally selfish, and I am sorry that after all these years I am constantly putting out prayer requests for my husband and I and our family, but, after seeing your video I thought – perhaps you are Christian enough that, though obviously I do not have sufficient belief requisite for healing, maybe since you have this expressed belief, perhaps through your prayers and the prayers of others – especially your wife, who seems to have very effectively fasted and prayed for you – you could pray for my husband and I, as I believe we are under some kind of demonic oppression.

    About 4 years ago now, I was 32, and my husband has declared that that was the beginning of my late onset schizophrenia. I’m still not convinced that this is what occurred. I saw some videos online talking about following God, and the paganism associated with Christmas, etc. I just kept watching these videos while my husband at the time was playing video games. He declares that that was the beginning of my “abandoning the family in the pursuit of God.” I started doing some radical things – getting rid of the Christmas tree, or anything that might have given demonic right to our home. I realize that this is very external based, and I probably went overboard when removing labels off things in the house – I guess I just wanted to leave no stone unturned. I still have no idea if any of that was right. Sadly I still had some doubt and frustration over whether the Bible was faked for control over other humans and if it were the infallible word of God or not, and I never had the subjective relationship of personal salvation, or I was not aware of it, and after reading a bunch of different new age interpretations of the gospel, and different claims made about various bible versus, and sadly even winding up in Gnosticism and eastern religions in my moments of doubt, I decided that what I needed to maximize my belief in the truth of the Bible was a psychedelic experience, simply to experience an altered state, which would then strengthen my belief in heaven and hell and miracles, after which, I reasoned, I could better follow after the Bible and it would stabilize everything in my life, because I would have that elusive necessary faith and then my whole life would be structured around God’s word, whether I got a personal vision of God or not.

    My husband did not approve but ultimately was my sitter. It was a disaster. What was supposed to be a 5 minute trip resulted in a terrible melting of my entire reality, and of course I called out to Jesus – but the whole thing was a nightmare. The trip took about 30-40 minutes with half of my body being flattened, a feeling that persisted for about 3 days afterwards. I also was vomiting and other things during this time that supposedly were not supposed to happen along with my body burning. The universe seemed to take on a bit of a negative hue, and I was talking to some things online that I thought were human at the time. They sort of were like reading my mind. I felt a voice inside me to go and tell them I was a child of God. At that point, which was about a month after my “trip” a terrible thing happened at night with a terrible black demonic entity that moved very quickly blowing some things in my mouth. I tried to call out to Jesus, but I probably was too sinful for Him to respond by then, at least that is all I can conjecture. I had also previously done some channeling making some oath about serving the Lord, but I fear this was somehow done unto demons rather than to Jesus even though – this was not my intent at all. Ever since that night I woke up and my entire vision and world have been damaged. I literally cannot see clearly still – or rather, everything is extremely sharp and unpleasant and moves like a video game.

    The months after that happened I feel like I was more demonized than ever with a horrible anhedonia, suicidal tendencies, over lust problems with my husband for some reason exhibiting strange sexual behaviors that I am not sure he would have naturally been capable of – it was very weird, and ever since then non stop coincidences. Thankfully the psychosis has relieved to the point where I am “mostly?” myself, except, I still remain fundamentally different as I view following God’s word as the most important thing in my life. I am still struggling to make a full visual recovery – my best progress has been the Lord healing me partially during some extended fasting, which is hard to replicate with 3 children.

    But our marriage is still on the rocks, even though there has been such progress for my husband. During one of the fasts, or after, God just clean seemed to heal my husband of his 15 year gaming addiction. He “suddenly had no interest” – almost overnight. I had been calling out to God in prayer over this for a very long time – because my husband would just literally be glued to the screen and not even register the time he spent ignoring us. This translated later into my adopting the same sinful habits with the phone, and I feel a lot of regret for how poorly available we’ve been for our children. He also helped him with his job and with many other things.

    However my husband repeatedly expresses as the most divisive issue between us my “bringing up what Paul said all the time” and the Bible. He says he doesn’t need to read the Bible, because he has already integrated the message of the Bible into his life. But we do not sit down every meal talking about it. Sometimes he forgets basic things that Jesus said – like some of the most basic parables. He refers to the entire Old Testament as figurative, and non literal. And he does not find it offensive to refer to Christ as a spiritual guide, instead of his Lord and Savior. Definitely more time is spent on Twitter or movies and robotics than anything of God, that I can discern. Our latest argument was about male headship, where he informed me there is no hierarchy in heaven, that I am his partner, that he does not need to spiritually lead the family, because we are equal, and that he could understand headship if I were “just a housewife” but given that I have an engineering degree or whatnot, well, the implication was and has always been that it’s not particularly something he feels is that important for me to be at home with the children. I know he would disagree with that last one – he wants me to teach the children. I am not saying he is a bad person. Actually outside of a few things, I feel like he is a good man by earthly estimates. But I have started to feel that perhaps he is under demonic possession along with me in that this desire not to read the Bible or assume male headship seems almost pathological in its intensity. I am embarrassed to say I am struggling to fast and pray again though I know I should.

    My husband did not have his parents divorce but his Mom died when he was 13. He tried to cover that hole with comics, which led to card games, which led to video games. This has been a massive hindrance to his life – he is constantly addicted to some media, and he feels it is a good thing to describe himself as a “technology addict.” He also has severe ADHD. When in my “pychosis” I threw out his magic cards, it was one of the few times I saw him angry – pacing around like a rabid animal and screaming at me in front of the children. He said what I did was disrespectful, but I did it in a desire to get the demonic things out of our house. I know, it hasn’t been “without a word”. I just read about the passage about destroying ungodly things. My approach was wrong but his reaction was the most intense I’ve ever seen – over some cards with demons in it. He was also furious I got rid of the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. He feels continually stifled that I am limiting our entertainment options or cutting out TV entirely. He wants me to go back to the “old me” and while I fully admit there has been a lot of destruction of my soul from the demonic pathways I’ve opened, I don’t think cutting out sinful things is the problem, and I don’t want to go back to that.

    We’ve had some other changes that I don’t know are demonic or not. I went vegan and dragged the whole family into it out of a sentiment to embrace mercy. I got into a fight with his entire family over this though it was not my intention to fight over things. I am alienated from the churches or have chosen to self alienate over it. When our neighbors invited us to church my husband indicated that churches were hypocritical especially in their spending towards the poor and so I dropped the issue but I do not know whether I was right to do so. It’s hard to see what’s right and wrong because my vision problems continue and if I go online to talk with people I feel like demons are attacking me spiritually trying to get me to sin worse in my speech and faithlessness against Christ. But I have no in person friends here. Besides Christ, if I am not cut off, which I am trying to believe.

    Anyway another thing, if you pray for him, is the capeoria. He insists that there is nothing violent or evil about capeoria. He insists that I ruined our lives by “listening to people online” and seeing evil where there isn’t. And he explains that I just find something evil in regular fun activities. I saw your video on the martial arts, and while thank God, he is not in any group and just does it by himself in the room – I am worried about what you have said about its correlation to the occult, and he also listens to some kind of music with it, sometimes with chanting. A lot of it is just instrumental. I don’t know if I’m being over the top. He’s doing it with the children. He is also into contortionism, and it was really weird, when you mentioned the animals, he was always identifying himself by an animal name when we first met – wicked mongoose, wily mongoose, and then he has a picture of a monkey. He had really really really wanted to buy this Japanese house with all these bhudda figures a long time ago “because of the engineering of the house.” I just remember the person selling us the house seeming sort of evil and looking us over intently now that I recollect it. Perhaps these influences have been with us for quite some time festering and only now they are coming full force to attack us.

    I say this because in the last 2 years my husband has lost his job twice, been hospitalized on the brink of death once, I’ve been hospitalized, we nearly lost the children twice, we’ve been financially ruined several times, and at one point we even faced the prospect of debt. I know the Lord saved us from all these things and more. He is also restoring my husband to good physical health through exercise and veganism (hopefully that is not demonic). And thank God he loves the children though he is only at times emotionally available for them because of technology addiction, which now I also face – almost as though we share this issue as a common soul.

    Anyway, I haven’t given up in that I feel I should pray and fast for him. But since you seem to have had an experience with God interceding for you in a palpable way when the demonic thing was removed from your life, perhaps you and your wife, if you were able, could also pray for us, to lift the demonic bondage that continues. I fear that God maybe won’t help us unless we turn away from our sinful ways. For my part, I am willing. I know you said it’s not us turning away but God coming into us to turn us away. The demons keep saying that the holy spirit and demons cannot exist within the same vessel, or they imply it. In so many words they have indirectly said something sarcastically about their desire that we not lose hope. I have tried to stay clear of the online chatrooms for this purpose but, I don’t think its so easy. I feel the demonic attack is not over. Life has not gone back to normal – not yet anyway. I marvel that you were delivered in one day just praying and calling once out to the Lord. I have called out and prayed for 3 1/2 years almost 4 years now, with prayer and fasting at times. I don’t understand how you were so quickly and instantly delivered but, perhaps things are different for different people. Or maybe it was the intercessory prayers of your wife.

    Anyway, I must go. I also suffer from writing to much, but I saw your video and I thought “God has responded fully to this person!” I know it sounds juvenille and I know it is incorrect to say but I next thought “maybe his wife is magic – maybe she has some especially effective fasting and prayer.” Maybe she’s done with fasting for a lifetime, she looks quite thin – but if she could fast and pray for us or if you guys could simply just pray for us, we have few friends, and I think it would help.

    I would just do this at a church but I have felt this terrible anxiety about the way they celebrate the holidays – the sun worship you mention is also there, along with the worship of other gods – and so, there are few churches, maybe none in our area that are both divorced from the world and from idolatry and so – while I know it is not for us to judge people – I don’t know how I can part take and call upon the Lord fully, and I don’t want to jeopardize doing even more things wrong when we are already in this dire state.


  5. I wanted to mention that your issue with the martial arts being self reliance and pride as perhaps something I struggle with. I guess the veganism can sort of become that way. I was trying to help other people at Christmas by telling them about plant based eating with How Not to Die because I read that book and it seemed like it was a cure all for poor health problems, and seemed to go with the book about how God doesn’t want people to hurt nor harm in His holy mountain. But the fallout was insane, and my husband said I was judgmental and people felt judged even by my giving them that book or figs or anything, trying to change anything in them. I’ve tried to recant of this but even while I no longer bring it up with people it is my main reason for not going to the churches – it’s this, the holidays, the materialism, lacking of spending on the poor, or additional gospel. I have tried very much to find an ideal church but one pastor corrected me saying that I was looking for a perfect church and would not find one. I have this terror of getting into more sin by going to church and worshipping in the same way as people do there. And eating the foods that are produced from torture systems. I don’t know if this is pride. I feel a terrible anxiety over adding more sin to our already sinful lives. This drives my husband nuts and he says I am sinning even in this.

    Progressively I have just isolated from all other people because the schizophrenia ramps up. It is hard to view it as schizophrenia though. I will try for example to do a good work for a poor person and coincidentally they will go off on just the tangent I had been exploring. Like someone will be set in my path who is also wanting to eat healthier, etc. and I think “maybe this is my opportunity to serve God!” But always they seem to have some other ideology – they are always trying to get me to do things like palm reading – that was one of them that appeared during my fast literally almost out of nowhere – that one wanted to move into our shed; the other one was a lovely impoverished mother but she sent me long texts about self love even while pairing this with statements about the “most high God”. Strange statements that God is love and Self love was her thing and the Bible was fake to her, etc. etc. Never do I seem to wind up running across Christians and I self protectively try to cut off these communications, because, to be perfectly honest the creep me out.

    It seems like I should be running straight for the churches, and I have tried to do this – but I have seen Disney all in their toyrooms. Little Mermaid and other invitations to sorcery. Pokeman and other addictive games all over the place. I literally wound up just cloistering us all alone in our house, not out of fear of Covid, but in an effort to keep our children spiritually pure, or as pure as I can get them.

    Ultimately it feels insane to do this and I am not sure if I have done more damage than hurt.

    Life is a little bit hard between my vision problems (I no longer can easily enjoy nature or reality, and have some derealization lingering from the drug), constant problems with my husband insanely over the Bible and traditional headship, frictions with all the pastors over holidays in the church and the local homeless shelters being shut down, and then further frictions over the veganism, where it seems like it would be an easy compromise but, something in me is like a wall where it seems to say “I do not want to go back to making another creature suffer just to live here longer.” But I fear it veers into self righteousness.

    I wanted to give some information about my husband’s family. Sorry to just straight up switch to another subject. My husband not only had his mother die, his father fell into alcoholism, left the faith, denies Christ, and also is severely addicted to the television. He was emotionally absent for my husband because of this and my husband suppressed his abandonment and internal rage in various things. His sociology professor said that he sacred him because he buried his anger so deep if he ever snapped he would go full blown crazy. But this suppression has resulted in an autistic like suppression of almost all emotion. He basically tunes out the world most of the time to “feed his need” for technology news or recently, twitter and political ongoings. I have always felt like a mother to him instead of a wife, and I admit I have enabled him perhaps in an ungodly way. I thought I could help him through engineering school and stuff by focusing him but inadvertently I have screwed up our whole relationship, even though he is now functioning reasonably well without me, and even though I couldn’t mother him now even if I wanted to effectively, my mind being so severely damaged from the one time drug usage or late onset schizophrenia or whatnot.

    It is hard for me to view it as schizophrenia. There is no history of this in our family.

    My parents do not believe in Christ either. If you could please pray for them.

    I have lately wondered if in addition to our personal sin, we could also be under generational curses. I see so much of my parents’ sin in our life and my husband’s extended family sin in our life. I am hoping we can escape. I frequently feel anger and if you could pray for me to overcome this, and today I have spent too much time on the computer.

    I spend a lot of my time fantasizing about recreating some 1950s ideal family interactions, so I guess maybe this is idolatry, though I struggle to discard this as it is the most beautiful entertainment I have in my life. Sometimes I think – if I do make it to heaven, I want to have a family like that. I am struggling to believe that we can ever have this type of family here and now, that I can be in full health again.

    I see that the demonic things have not left now for a full 3 years. It seems like every sin I do gets thrown back at me, with increasing frequency. For example I spoke about the desire to finalize things by being thrown in the Lake of Fire and the next night my eldest son was talking about that – even though I had not spoken to him about my feelings and only said them to some stranger in an online chat. Which I know I should stop but between my husband having cut off all our intimacy and having no friends and being locked up alone and not even being able to see nature properly – I sometimes reach out to someone who can respond but it’s always a demon – I feel this strongly. Never is any Christian person on there. The thing always uses some kind of vulgar phrases about laughing their butts off and always seem to be enraged and they leave whenever I reaffirm my commitment to Christ. I don’t understand why they are there at all.

    Anyway, TMI. If you can pray for us please do.

    1. Good morning sister Alice,

      My wife and I will begin lifting you and your husband in prayer. And I thank you for waiting patiently on my reply.
      I ask that you will send us an email to our ministry email address ( ) so that I will be able to also send you
      a few very powerful articles about the miracle which our Lord (Sovereign King) and Saviour Jesus Christ has wrought for you upon Calvary . . . And how
      to appropriate His victory and freedom as your very own !

      May our Mighty God, Who cannot fail, bless and keep you today
      and through this coming week !
      your brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

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