To Stand in Victory !

sit walk stand     Satan’s primary object is not to get us to sin . . .  But simply to take us off the ground of perfect Rest (Sabbath – faith) in Christ !

Stand therefore, having your loins gird about with Truth (the Verity of God’s Word) . . . !”
Ephesians 6:14

     Only those who sit (with Christ – Ephesians 2:6) can stand. Our power for standing, as for walking, lies in our having first been made to sit together with Christ. The Christian’s walk and warfare alike derive their strength from His position there. If he (the Christian) is not sitting before God, in His Presence . . .
he cannot hope to stand before the enemy . . . .

Satan’s primary object is . . . . simply to make it easy for us to do so (to sin) by getting us off the ground of perfect triumph onto which the Lord (our Sovereign King) has brought us !

Through the avenue of the head or the heart, through our intellect or our feelings,
he assaults our Rest in Christ, or our walk in the Spirit.   But for every point of his attack, defensive armor has been provided . . . . the helmet and the breastplate, the girdle and the shoes, while over all is the shield of faith to turn aside the fiery darts (of Satan’s lies and temptations, those words which sting and cut us).

    Faith says: Christ is exalted !   Faith says: We are saved (delivered, rescued, set free, healed and made whole) by His grace (G5485) !

Faith says: We have access through Him.   Faith says: He indwells us by His Spirit !   (see Ephesians 1:20, 2:8, 3:12 & 17).
Because victory is His . . . . therefore it is ours ! If only we will not try to gain the victory, but simply to maintain (except as our own) it,  then we shall see the enemy utterly routed !

     We must not ask the Lord to enable us to overcome the enemy, nor even to look to Him to overcome, but Praise Him because He has already done so; He is Victor !    It is all a matter of faith in Him. If we believe the Lord, we shall not pray (plead) so much, but rather praise Him more.

The simpler and clearer our faith in Him, the less we shall pray (plead), and the more we shall Praise (speak in praise our thanks to HIm) ! Let me say again: In Christ we are already conquerors . . . !

It us obvious then that, since this is so, for us to merely pray for victory -uncles that prayer is shot through with Praise – must be to court defeat, by throwing away our fundamental (foundation in Christ) position ?

     Let me ask you: Has defeat been your experience? Have you found yourself hoping that one day you will be strong enough to win? Then my prayer for you can go no further than that of the apostle Paul to his Ephesian readers . . . .  It is that God may open your eyes anew to see yourself seated with Him Who has Himself been made to sitfar above all rule, and authority, and power, and dominion, and every name that is named . . . !” Ephesians 1:20-21

     The difficulties around you may not alter; the lion may roar as loudly as ever; but you need no longer hope to overcome. For in Christ Jesus you are Victor in the field . . . !”

Note –
This short article is from a small book written many years ago by a Chinese Christian;
who, while spending time imprisoned for his faith in the LORD, was inspired to share the Victory of Christ
which is Today, given freely to all who will simply believe and appropriate it as their very own . . . !

Excerpts from Watchman Nee’s “Sit , Walk, Stand”  pages 56-57

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