Is “Contemplative Prayer” really Christian ?

A powerful message by a former eastern mystic, whom the Lord Jesus Christ has delivered and saved. This is one of 4 short videos which reveal the present dangers facing our churches across this world, as ancient spiritualism and spiritual formation techniques (such as centering prayer, contemplative prayer, labyrinth walking, spiritual drumming, tai-chi, yoga, mantras, breath prayer and …

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Perils of the Emerging Church ?

A powerful message from Steve Wohlberg – What exactly is “the Emerging church” ?  and why are we now seeing students, pastors and many congregations being encouraged to introduce “Spiritual Formation” programs into their curriculums?   Is there a danger that we may be opening the door to teachings of which we were warned of more than a hundred years ago …

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Can Yoga be “Christian” ?

[youtube=] Many believe they can practice yoga postures, breathing, and focusing techniques devoid of yoga’s spirituality, not realizing that yoga is an inherent part of Hindu philosophy which teaches man and nature are one with divinity (pantheism). Today, yoga is experiencing a worldwide renaissance and in America has more than 70,000 yoga teachers working in …

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