The Dragon Revealed ! – A True Story

     One of the last efforts of Satan before our Saviour’s soon return in the clouds of heaven, will be to flood the world with spiritualism. In this way, that old serpent is preparing the world for the coming of the last great deception !

    Over the last 50 years, we have witnessed an explosion of Eastern philosophy and martial arts in the Western world. What has been this influence upon the last two generations, and especially the Christian Church?   And to where does this path, in which many have now set their feet, finally lead?

Does the study of Martial Arts, Tai-Chi, Yoga and Eastern mystical healing  really lead to a more disciplined way of life, as is being promoted by the media today?   Are our children being made better men and women of God through these practices . . .  Or is there something darker and more deceptive working behind the scenes?

     Learn the Truth from God’s Word, and His unfailing power to set every captive free !

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