The Royal Disease – A Closer Look at Daniel’s Prophecies !

     ” And thou, O king, sawest . . . . and behold, a great image, whose brightness was exceeding great, and whose head was of fine gold, his chest and arms were of silver, his belly and thighs were of brass, and his legs of iron, and his feet were part iron and part …

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The Conscientious Objector – The True Story of Desmond Doss !

     Please use the link below to order your copy of this powerful true story on DVD to share with friends and family –   http://www.adventistbookcenter.com/the-conscientious-objector.html Hero of Hacksaw Ridge (Paperback) http://www.desmonddoss.com/the-conscientious-objector/ And other great resources for sharing with those you love . . . https://remnantpublications.com/index.php/books/books-for-sharing/hacksaw-ridge-books/hero-of-hacksaw-ridge.html http://www.itiswritten.com/doss

The Dragon Revealed ! – from darkness to Light

Thank you !       Little Light Studios and Isaiah Ministries extend our deepest thanks to every brother and sister in Christ Jesus who has lifted us, and this film project in their prayers. And we also thank the LORD God Almighty (Yehuwah El’ Shaddai), through Whom all things are possible . . . . for …

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Competitive Christianity . . . ?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyq7I57U1tA] In a culture where sports reign supreme . . . . And where the players are often viewed as gods, are the games we play just innocent fun that build character and physical fitness, or are they playing a more significant role in the great battle that is raging for the hearts and minds of every …

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