A.D. The Bible Continues – Truth or error ?

     AD The Bible Continues . . . catapults itself into prime time television,airing on NBC Easter weekend.  It gains it steam from the Bible TV series on the History channel and the Son of God movie.  Despite being doomed to failure by the secular critics from the LA Times and Entertainment Weekly, it premiered with 13.1 million viewers.  Each succeeding week retaining at least 10 million viewers.  To put that in perspective 4 in 10 Americans have watched at least 1 episode. Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett insist that they stick to the Bible, but evidence suggests otherwise . . .

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  1. This is an excellent video! It’s a shame that the public is being fed falsehood through this series instead of the truth. I’m so glad that God has given us His Word and the Holy Spirit to help us understand what is written in the sacred pages. May we all delve more into the REAL stories of the Bible and encourage our children to do the same.

    God bless you! And God bless Little Light Studios!

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