The Spirit of Grace !

The Spirit of Grace

Hello, my name is Grace.
I am a function of the Holy Spirit, who has been sent to earth to be your Helper.

I am Grace…and I will take you where you have never been before.

I will help you to rise above every circumstance.

Testimony of our brother and sister in Christ,
Vito & Pat Rallo – Free Indeed Ministries

I will show you how to SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE!

I will give you the words to say when you don’t know what to say.

Do you remember when Jesus said, “Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven?”

That is my job – to bring God’s will to earth.

I will help you do those things that “bring heaven to earth.”


Have you ever wondered what it is like in heaven?

Have you ever imagined?

There is perpetual peace.

There is unspeakable joy!

There is love constantly flowing…

All is in harmony; all is at rest.

In other words, even though there is much activity, there are no worries; no fears; no trouble; no chaos; no confusion; no turmoil, no frustration, and no strife.

When you pray to bring God’s will to earth as it is in heaven, you can experience these things here on earth in your own life…peace, joy, & love!

Remember you are aliens in this world—you do not belong here—you are simply passing through. Don’t put your stakes down here in this earth and think this is all there is.

I want to change you to be like Christ, to have the mind of Christ—but only if you will let me.

I can only change you if you will agree with me, concerning your life. I want to transform you, but I am a gentleman. I will not barge in where I am not invited.

What makes you mad sometimes should make you sad. If it makes you mad, there is
still pride in your heart.

I will woo you, I will speak to you softly and gently. Sometimes, I will even bring you to tears, but it’s not to hurt you. It’s designed to bring you to that place where you’ve never been before!

I love you, my child! I love you! There has never been anyone like you.

You are special! You are unique! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else!

Out of seven billion people here on planet Earth, there is still no one like YOU!

Jesus died for you. He shed His blood so that you could be forgiven of your past sins and be sanctified and set apart for Him—holy and pure—His beautiful bride…awaiting the marriage supper of the Lamb.

It is a journey; it is a process. And I (the Spirit of grace) am here to help you walk through that process. I am here to take you into that place where you simply yield to Me.

I don’t want you to make excuses for staying in your sin.

That is not what My name is to be used for.

Always remember, I am here to help you walk out of sin and into purity in every area of your life.


My name [GRACE] has been maligned.

My name has been misused.

That saddens and grieves Me.


I want to comfort you.

I want to remove all your fears.

But I must bring you into all Truth.

Will you let Me show you how to walk in a way that pleases your heavenly Father?

Will you yield to Me and let me take you to that higher place—where you’ve never been before?

My name is Grace.

Remember I am also the Spirit of Truth.

If you reject truth, you reject grace. If you accept truth, grace abounds!

Remember “grace and truth” came in with Jesus. They work together to take you where you’ve never been before.

I have other names, and many other functions. I am also the Spirit of holiness, the Spirit of supplication, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of glory, the Spirit of Life, and the Spirit of adoption.

But I want you to understand who I am as the Spirit of grace. I am grieved because people have received me “in vain.” They have used me in vain. The great apostle, Paul, talked about that in 2 Cor. 6:1, where he pleaded with the people, “not to receive the grace of God in vain.”

If you understand who I am and how I function, then I will be able to flow through you as “Living Water” that flows out of you into the lives of others, and ministry to others will become easy.

Let me flow through you as a clean vessel, fit for the Master’s use. But allow Me to flow through you
and cleanse you first.

I want to take you where you’ve never been before!

I am the Spirit of grace and I am here to help you come into a place of rest, a place of peace,
a place of joy….a place of usefulness.

I am here to “make you ready” to someday stand before Jesus, face-to-face.

I will lead you in “the way” you should go.

I am your best Friend.

I am your Helper.

My name is Grace.

Vito & Pat Rallo
Free Indeed Ministries of Tampa Bay

P. O. Box 651, Riverview, FL 33568-0651
Ph. (813) 451-6289

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